Invesco Perpetual

Invesco Perpetual is one of the world’s biggest asset management businesses.

Our brief was to raise awareness of their new investment blog and demonstrate the benefits of reading it, to investment professionals.

Research identified that this specialist audience  prioritise fresh financial information.  So our proposition invited them to ‘get closer to the investment intelligence of Invesco Perpetual fund managers’. Our campaign dramatised the benefits of reading the Invesco Perpetual blog and resulted in increased blog readership.

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‘Ear to the ground’. An MPU.


Untitled 2

‘Pin sharp insight’. An online banner.


S04427 INVESCO A4 Ad 12 update3.indd‘Straight from the horses mouth’. A press execution.

Sadly, but understandably, our client’s brand guidelines prevented us exploiting this idea to the full, and so we had to rein it in a bit…horse-178093_1280 - Version 2