Act Against Bullying

A web design project.

Act Against Bullying is one of Britain’s longest running school age bullying charities. It had suffered from a dated, poorly presented website.

Technique were appointed to redesign the site for today’s world.

It is intended to provide practical, actionable advice for under 18’s who may be being bullied, and for their parents and teachers. That is why the site opens with a ‘call to action’: “Being bullied? Need advice right now? Then email us…”

To emphasize the practical nature of the site, each page contains an ‘AAB hint’: one sentence of practical advice that a victim of bullying can use immediately.

The site is highly visual and uses contemporary but relevant, rather than fashionable or gimmicky, web design principles. It uses a blue colour pallet because the colour connotes calm, and the headline font is intended to have impact without being too formal or serious, both making the site more approachable for sufferers of bullying.

As with all charities, budgets were limited and so stock photography was used, selected to reflect an understanding of how painful bullying can be, without being universally negative, instead using optimistic imagery where appropriate, and imagery that reflects the way young people interact today.

The site provides a Paypal donations page, linked to the client’s bank account.

It contains a blog that the client can add to themselves.

A user manual was provided so that the client can make simple amendments to the site without needing to refer to ourselves.

As you can see from the images, right, the site is fully responsive (which means it reformats for different devices).

Site traffic has increased 80% since the new site launched.

You can visit the Act Against Bullying website by clicking on the image below:

Below: Home page header and menu bar (On a Macbook)

Below: Two images of the body of the homepage, the bottom showing a drop down menu. (Both on an ipad mini)

Below: 3 examples of the AAB Hints, described at left. (All on an iPad mini)

Below: 4 screengrabs from an iPhone. (Bottom left, showing the mobile menu)